Meet Dr. George T. Felt

George T. Felt DDS, MAGD, ABGD

I love the challenge of delivering the highest possible quality of care to my many diverse patients. It's incredibly rewarding to see how happy my patients are when they look in the mirror and see themselves with a fabulous smile for the first time. I am very lucky to work with the caring and talented people who make up the team at Meredith Dental. This team far exceeds the average standard of care in our field while making it look easy, and they do it with TLC.  Dr. Felt on Google+


I have been practicing dentistry since 1982 when I received my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Northwestern University. My advanced training includes a residency in general dentistry at Booth Memorial Hospital in New York City, attaining my certificate of completion in 1983.  I then did a residency in Periodontics at New York University, for which I was awarded my Specialty Certificate in 1989.  These formal and traditional programs provided a strong foundation for the extensive training that I have done since that time (see below), and with all due respect to the many great docs in these programs, experience is really the best teacher.

Continuing Education

I participate in approximately 100 hours of dental education programs every year, as both a life-long student and a teacher.  In August 2015, I received a Certificate of Advanced Achievement from Progressive Orthodontic Seminars for completion of 500 hours of continuing education in orthodontics. The initials 'MAGD' after the name indicate my status as a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. In order to receive this designation, a passionate commitment to continuing education is essential. In July, 2009, I was awarded the MAGD certificate recognizing my completion of more than 1,100 hours of continuing education studying 16 different disciplines in dentistry (such as esthetics, periodontics, orthodontics, implants, etc.). The initials ‘ABGD’ after my name signifies that I became a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of General Dentistry in 2014.  Currently less than 1 percent of all general dentists are Board Certified, so this was a great honor and a rare privilege. This commitment to learning has enabled me to remain current with the best of what is new in the profession and to incorporate the latest and finest materials and techniques into the practice. I have attended more than 2000 hours of continuing education since graduation from dental school, and continue to participate in more than 100 hours of CE every year.Master of Academy of General Dentistry  

Professional Organizations

Outside the Office

I am lucky to spend my life with my wife, Elyse. We're true nature lovers and maintain memberships with the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, the Loon Center, and the Nature Conservancy. We very much enjoy spending time aboard the good ship Winsmile, which spends most of its time at the dock in Meredith (but we do take her out once in a while).  I find outdoor activities like hiking, fly fishing, swimming, and scuba diving very relaxing.  I also enjoy supporting the arts, especially music and theater.  I'll admit that I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, but I stay healthy with diligent brushing, flossing, and exercise.